“Homo doctus in se divitias semper habet.” -  A learned person always has wealth inside himself.

The International Professional Faculty & Academy (IPFA) is a global occupational certification body, that helps professional individuals advance their careers by building on their experience and expertise  through Professional Recognition Awards, Certification, Academic Qualification and Professional Registration.

Unlike other professional bodies the IPFA does not focus on a single profession. Our membership is open to professionals in any industry who wish to endorse their expertise with a professional registration whilst sharing the view that aside from formal qualifications it is experience, expertise and quality of service and conduct that differentiates an expert professional.



Recognising the need to document and demonstrate your knowledge to potential employers and clients the IPFA offers a number of pathways to help you enhance your skills and confidence progressing your career to the next level

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We will soon be publishing a list of our affiliations with other organisations overseeing Adult Learning, Career Coaching and Distance Learning.


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